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Our team

We are a young company from Leipzig. Schwarzprojekt was founded by Nikolaus Schwarz-Hykel and Thomas Schnee in 2016, since then, we have grown continuously. People with a wide range of professional backgrounds work for us. In addition, we have an established network of service providers and creative professionals, which enables us to offer all of the required competencies. Together we provide everything to ensure that your project is a success.

Our claim

We combine our strengths to develop the best solutions for our clients. Absolute professionalism, interdisciplinary expertise, objective consulting, and a holistic approach are all decisive factors that influence the way we work. We think outside the box and get excited about cutting edge and innovative formats. We work with our clients on an individual project basis or for the longer term, in Leipzig or wherever we are needed.

Our clients

Our client base is as diverse as our product portfolio. We work for the public sector, non-governmental organizations and industrial companies, for agencies and marketing service providers, from culture to the healthcare sector. We offer a wide range of experience and are open to get to know new industries and products at any time. Do not hesitate to ask for detailed references, we will gladly compile and provide you with a current overview.

Wir sind der Knoten in einem Netzwerk aus Spezialisten der einzelnen Disziplinen.

 Nikolaus Schwarz-Hykel, Geschäftsführer

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